Beach bound

Bag|Towel|Sunscreen|baby powder|hat|bathing suit|sunglasses/EOS/flip flops

In exactly one week we will be south bound, beach bound to meet some sweet friends in Galveston for a quick friend trip....I don't think there is anything cuter than high school besties and their babies frolicking around the beach with their hubs in tow:) I'm in desperate, desperate need of a break from the real world so I am super excited about a few days to escape and relax. I've put down a collaboration of what I think are the beach essentials for us this trip...

Bag...I have been lusting after this bag for ages and it was on back order for what felt like years but we finally have it....from our recent cruise I've learned a pool/beach bag is essential

Towel...the mix of navy blue and magenta are two of my favorite colors right now and whats cuter than a sweet whale so I knew I had to snatch up this towel for the little miss. I talked about in this post I did a lot of research on safe baby sunscreen and have really loved and been pleased with this Babyganics sunscreen and a bonus with this set is safe organic insect repellant.

Baby powder...I'm sure you've seen all over pinterest that the secret to getting sand off your lil one's skin is to use baby powder so you bet we will be bringing it and trying it...

Floppy hat... I'm in love with these monogram floppy hats they are all over Very Jane and Etsy right now...we got matching ones for us girls I'm super excited

Bathing suit...I'm loving this mint bathing suit...I actually picked up an adorable mint bathing suit for Isabella and of course what would be cuter than momma and lil miss matching suits...

Sunglasses...These Ray Ban aviators have been my go to...I somehow manage to not lose sunglasses and absolutely cannot be outside or drive without sunglasses so they are a must for me... sisters, mom and I have been in love with this chapstick for years...far before it was all the rage and everywhere...I love that you don't have to stick your finger in it....I hate sticking my finger in chapstick it ALWAYS ends up under my nails...yuck.

Havainas flip, love these...coral is one of my fave accessory colors these days!!

If you can't tell I really can't wait...bring on the sun, fun and friends!!
What fun vacations/getaways do you have planned?

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