Foto Friday

I was a slacker in the photo department this week probably because every day was jam packed full...I felt like the road runner trying to rush and make it to everything this week...still hoping to catch up on rest from our "Friend-cation" haha...this week has not allowed that yet....

Cheerios/puffs inside trap=tons of entertainment so mommy could cook

Finally playing with her "remote" she has a specific real remote she likes...cracks me up

This girl loves to give kisses in particular to her "Pickles" she sometimes just eats his nose

Our night time routine includes listening to the "Lord's Prayer" lamb its so cute she grabs it, has a huge smile and cuddles it...

My kale/sweet potato mash was a hit in her pouch this week..

Hope you guys have a great weekend....Yipee for Friday!!

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