Weekend Wrap-Up

Hope you had a lovely weekend...I know we did and as usual Monday came way too fast!

Friday: I spent most of the night decorating for a baby shower while the hubs ran some errands and grabbed a beer with a friend and miss Isabella took a 2 hour nap then we head to our new Friday night

My other adorable date...yes we had cheat margaritas don't judge....we deserved them:) The hubs has been doing such an incredible job on his Paleo diet and we didn't cheat besides the margarita....see untouched chips and dip....I'm not doing Paleo per say bc there is no way this girl is giving up cheese but we have given up all processed sugars, wheat, dairy and artificial sweetners. Both for health reasons..

My adorable mobile playdaye

She loves her mommy and she has no idea how much more her mommy loves her
Finished up sewing projects for my sweet friend Amy's lil one Ella Claire....in love with her name:)

Saturday: we woke up and were lazy then finished prep work for the baby shower....and my lil one turned 9 months...say what!? how is that even possible....
This was our attempt at a photoshoot...she loves, loves to be held...and does not love to be put down so much:)

See those real crocodile tears...breaks my heart don't worry I picked her up and she was unharmed;)

Such a sweet drama cry....just wait for these next pictures once we started playing "Mommy's going to get you" and "Peek a boo"

She thought I was hilarious!!

One day she will be like "mommy, you aren't funny" but for now I love that she thinks I'm the funniest person in the world.
Haha see, hilarious I tell ya! Throw your head back and laugh hilarious...this is her new thing...she throws her head back when she is really laughing...be still my heart....

Climbing and cruising on everything..

And success...happy 9 months beautiful girl...

Having her first organic rice Mum Mum....she loved it....

"Mom what is this thing...it's good"

A few details from Miss Ella Claire's showers...more pics and details to come...

Then we headed to some friends house to enjoy some playtime and dinner...Isabella was obsessed with the necklaces...looks like we need to pull some out...

Sunday: We had our usual lazy hour in bed while isabella giggles, and crawls everywhere and loves to grab our phones and iPad....my favorite part of every week...then Dennis headed to a friends land to help with some manual labor in the 100 degree heat...ya, no thanks so lil miss and I headed to Village church and lunch with my fam....

Just studying on the iPad.
Our Sunday morning bath ritual....Love this girl more than I could ever have imagined possible.

And on the way to church...out like a light...car...driving...instantly asleep almost everytime!!

Reunited finally....Hannah is back from a month in Costa Rica and Heather from 2 weeks in the Domincan Republic...tough right?! Love these girls SO incredibly much.

Just swinging to end our night while daddy waters the yard!!

Thankful, thankful, thankful, blessed, blessed blessed...despite the crazy and sad and horrible days I know I am still so undeserving...thank you Lord for giving me what I don't deserve and seeing us through the times that seem impossible...

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