Weekend wrap-up

Since I didn't do a Foto Friday and we just got back from a sweet, incredible, soul refreshing get away with some of the sweetest friends, babies, and hubbies a girl could ask for I'm just going to do a quick sneak of photos. Of course there are 100s of pictures of the trip and cute babies so I will have a whole separate post for those.....

Rocking her 9 month appt...she didn't even flinch with her finger stick....

Mastery of the stank face!!

Helping mommy be crafty

She just grabbed it and hugged it....she's going to love crafting like her momma

Shirts I made for all the wee ones....

Helping mommy water the yard before our trip

All crazy packed in and ready for fun!!
Road trippin again....so thankful we have an incredible car/travel baby...and of course our regular stop at Buckees:)

The house that was perfect for our needs!! (Besides Jaimee and Jared having no door....)

Missing spending all my day with my baby and my sweet friends dearly...oh to just be lounging by the beach or pool again....T-364 days until we do it again..

Hope you had a blessed weekend, I know we sure did and of course as always I loathe you Monday!!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait for next year's trip!!! I love Isabella's onsie/outfit (while watering the yard).