10 months

Oh Miss Isabella...I know I've said this before but I a day doesn't go by that I don't thank God for you...you are truly everything I could have dreamed of and so much more...I am so thankful God thought your daddy and I so deserving of the blessing you have been in our lives...you are truly such a joy and happy baby. Daddy and I always say how our lives seem so much richer and more meaningful now that you are around...you have brought out the true joy and best of us too...It has been a very fun month...you are changing and your sweet personality shows more and more everyday...

Your 2nd tooth came in right on your 10 month birthday....what a great gift huh?! Teething is the pits...it is SO obvious to momma when its your teeth...you are little fussy, chew til you have bite marks on your arm, and wake  up crying a couple times at night right before it erupts...I see 3 teeth coming in on top:(
People say the first teeth and molars are the worst....I am hoping this is true for you!
You discovered the stairs several weeks ago...momma ran to the bathroom, 2 feet from where you were playing and came out to you giddy and so proud of yourself on the stairs...you are starting to walk a little with your push toy...you don't seem in any hurry to walk which is fine with this momma...take your time...you are such a fast crawler you seem pretty content with that..you are definitely cruising all over the place...

Your reflux has resolved again without medicine, thank goodness...I really think it was bothering you from going through a growth spurt and overeating just a bit;) Full tummy=reflux...kinda like when mom was pregnancy with you!!

We've tried a few new foods this month including yogurt...I waited a bit to try it and contemplated waiting until a year because you had so many issues with dairy when I would have it while nursing at the beginning but you have done great and love it, you love cheese as well and it doesn't bother you at all, yipee!! We also tried your first spices/seasonings and so far you are a fan: oregano, basil, vanilla, and cinnamon.

Here is your usual schedule, like I said last month it is different when you are with Graham but if its just you, you like a morning nap:)

9:00-nurse/bottle + baby food
10:00-nap (when at home/weekends)
11:30-nurse/bottle + baby food
4:30-6 nap
6:00-nurse/baby food
8:00-bath time/bed time routine
Likes: Baby dolls (you hug them, pat them and kiss them), food (pretty much anything for the most part), cruising, love your sound maching and lovey, crawling up the stairs, playing chase (ellicits the most, sweetest giggles ever), "talking on the phone," you are still SO social and wave at everyone when we are out and about...people love it by the way:), shaking your head "no" and smiling

Dislikes: Waiting for your food....we can never be fast enough, teething, when momma is home or around you only want momma....I secretly love it, but I feel bad when people want to hold you...I have to go around the corner for a minute and then you are fine;)

Words: momma, dada, hi, ball, uh-oh

Weight: 15 lbs 8 oz (6%ile)
Height: 27.5 inches (18%ile)
Head: 17 (5%ile)

Diaper count: 2170 (Size 2)
Wipes packages: 49
Diaper genie refills: 8

Longest stretch of sleep: 11 hrs 13 min
Shoe size: Size 2
Clothes size: 3-6 months, 6 months, some 6-9 months

Eating every 3-4 hours, eating solids ~6-8oz at breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. (2-5oz bottles while mommy works)

Milestones: cruising, walking with push toy and assistance, crawling up stairs, saying "uh-oh," shaking head no while smiling, standing unassisted 10 seconds,

Shots today: None...yipee!!
Happy 10 months lil Isabella!!

1 Samuel 1:27–28"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD."

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  1. Happy 10 month sweet girl! Did she finally drop her 4am feed!? Yippee!