Foto Friday

TGIF....I think I say that every Friday...haha.....we had a great week around here...busy but great....

This little one loves to give herself kisses in the mirror
Love this

This little girl turned 10 is this possible...we had a weight check and she is growing slowly but surely:)

This tiny bear paci clip is her favoritest toy this week, carrying it everywhere she goes...thanks auntie Heather

This is what dinner time looks like most days....busy girl or what? Time to bust out the seat belt...

It was Popi's birthday and he was out of town so we of course sent a pic and video

This girl is in love with lights lately....intrigued by the lights at her pedis office...oh and she love, loves my keys

Look mom one hand!!

We don't usually have a tupperware drawer....bc as I've talked about before we vetoed plastic around our house but I bought some to make dinner for a friend this week so we had our first tupperware play time!!

Yay for the weekend....

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