halloween favorites

Oh, HELLO fall weather, we are so excited to see you! I haven't been able to think much about fall and Halloween since its still been 100 degrees around these parts but this past weekend brought in some cooler weather and I am SO excited....I had the hardest time deciding on Isabella's halloween costume but the Pottery barn owl is the winner...I felt it only fitting since in her newborn pics she had on an owl hat...pretty nostalgic, right?! Here are our current halloween favorites:

Pottery Barn costumes: I'm pretty much obsessed with all of these....it was SO hard to choose. I really adore this lion as well and if I had an older boy these "Where the Wild Things are" costumes are adorable.

Boo onesie: I'm pretty much obsessed with all of Gaps halloween outfits but am really loving this black striped boo onesie...I also love this grey fleece dress

Holiday PJs: I think every holiday warrants the need for PJs....Isabella had some last year for every holiday and I plan to continue on the tradition....I'm loving both these sets above...here and here

Book: I also think every holiday needs a holiday appropriate book..this one looks pretty adorable to me

Chair back: I'm loving these chair backs from Pottery barn...I'm thinking Isabella's high chair needs one for every holiday to be festive:)

Melamine plate: I'm loving all the personalized melamine plates these dates....I love this cute Etsy stores options.....I think we need one for every holiday and event:)

What are your Halloween/Fall favorites?

I'm pretty excited to ramp up the crock pot soups and stews myself...


  1. We bought that Gap shirt when they had a 40% off sale 2 weeks ago! I can't wait to see Isabella in her owl costume!

    1. Woo hoo us too!! And can't wait to see sweet Grey in her sweet Lamb....that was definitely on our list:)