No mo 'roids-Mom update

Mom officially finished chemo yesterday...yipee...just as importantly she is done with the steroids that come with her chemo hence the title....those steriods were one of her biggest enemies these last 6 months...causing late night cleaning sessions, and one too many sleepless nights....we couldn't be more excited to say no mo 'roids and no mo chemo....I think watching your loved one go through this has to be one of the hardest mom might be the most incredible lady...she never complains....always says "well so and so has it worse"....always staying so positive...she has had more energy than I have sometimes...she impresses and blesses me more everyday....she will have a repeat CT scan in the next 2 weeks and we are prayful and hopeful she will never see the inside of a chemo room again....

This about sums up her last 6 months:
CT scan-2
Avastin: 12
Chemo rounds-18
Chemo start: April 2, 2013
Chemo end: Sept 3, 2013

This is from her big "No mo chemo" party last time...we are going to opt for a small, family celebration this time around and will be singing "No mo chemo" and maybe even chanting "Cancer sucks" 

For those who are fighting cancer or who has a loved one that is....please know you are constantly on our hearts and in our prayers...Faith and family, like my mom's oncologist says...are essential to the fight...

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