Weekend wrap-up

Just another weekend wrap-up....Dennis and I were just discussing last night how busy our lives seem to be these days....our sweet Isabella has been the best trooper and like her sweet Auntie Heather said is the best baby and has gotten to experience SO much in her short 10.5 months:) She's our first baby so sometimes we don't realize just how lucky we are until people tell us how great she is...of course we think she is great and I am SO thankful for a good traveling, flexible girl...She most definitely is a momma's girl right now so if I am in sight she doesn't really want to be held by others very much...I love it but hate that she doesn't want others to hold her all that much when they want to these days...makes for a good arm workout;)

Friday...Isabella had so much fun with the nanny and Graham that she crashed on our way home...I don't know if there is anything much sweeter than a sleeping baby...we rushed home and packed up to go stay the night at Mimi and Popi's house. We decided to go to Grapefest in Grapevine and they watched the lil pumpkin for us, so it was so much easier than driving all the way home....We met Hannah and some friends there and had a blast and Isabella had a blast with her Mimi and Popi as well....If you haven't been to Grapefest you most go next year...so fun!
Snoozin lil sweetie

Ready for some fun at Grapefest

I love downtown Grapevine

Me and the sis ready to taste over 39 wines....39 wineries, 120 wines...I think we tasted 39:) Love this beautiful girl
Much needed fun night out...we sat and listened to a band til 12:00...watch out, getting crazy!!

The band was so good and so fun...great people watching too!

At the end of the night...love her

Saturday...we were up bright and early to cheer on sweet Holt in his first teeball game...he rocked it...then we headed out as a fam to Hurricane Harbor...our dad's birthday request....we have SO many memories of Hurricane Harbor growing up so it was a very fun, nostalgic day for us...our dad rented a cabana by the wave pool...it was a blast....
Holt hitting and making it to 1st....he trots more than runs it is SO cute...

Isabella despite all my efforts just wanted down to crawl and play on the cement...where were our knee pads when we needed them

What mom?!

My lil fam...thanks for the photo Hannah..

My lil water loving baby loving her some Hurricane Harbor...

We were both fighting a lil cold but she did great despite not feeling 100%

Her first life jacket...she loved it..not!!

Snoozin by the pool

Our "Cabana Beach"...taking a lil break

Noelle being silly

Finishing the day with her favorite puffs with daddy

The whole gang

We all were craving ice cream and like us Crosbys do we made our own lil picnic at Sonic...my husband looks ubber thrilled here mostly because well he couldn't turn his neck...we road the scarriest ride and I have not laughed/panicked that much ever watching the look on his face...he tensed up so much that he hurt his neck...eek...

Fun lil recap of our blast of a day

Sunday...we rose and shone rather early and headed to Ft. Worth to help Mamaw finish packing to move..Isabella was such a great baby despite neither of us feeling great...she was a no nap ninja but did great with some quiet time in her pack n play entertaining herself:)
Ready to go...holding a diaper in each hand...she loves to play with diapers...probably because its the only way we can get her to be still during diaper changes

This girl is eating like such a big girl these days...saving some carrot on her face for later...
We have a new yorkie in the house for the next 3 months...Maci...mamaw and Gigi's dog....she looks scared bc Zoe kept trying to kiss her while I took this for Mamaw...she was one happy girl last night....just call us the crazy dog people;)

Whew....I need a recovery day from this weekend!! What about you? Hope you had a great one...

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  1. Love you blog! Found you through Pinterest. We are just about to start solids with our little girl. So thankful for all your recipes! We live just outside of Ft. Worth!! :)