11 month must haves

Lotion: I know I have posted about this California Baby lotion before but we changed scents this last time and I love it just as much as the lavender one!! Isabella's sensitive skin has done so well with us using this...

Basket: we have more toys than we know what to do with...I feel most days I'm knee deep in trying to keep them clean and organized....we have baskets all throughout the house to keep them cutely organized:) I love this chalkboard one from Target.

Boogie wipes: Another item that we have loved since she was a newborn...I love having these around and so does our nanny...we have been around several sick people lately and I use these to wipe down Isabella and her toys....also now that she self feeds pretty much every meal if I'm lazy I love to use these for quick clean up...the grape scent...to me, heavenly:)

Little yums: I got these in my first Citrus Lane box and Isabella loves them...they were great during teething time and are so heathy...I mean kale, spinach and apple...Plum Organics know what they are doing!

Zebra bounce/spin: this toy has been so fun this month...she mostly stands next to it, dances to the music it plays and tries to climb on...so fun to watch her do new things everyday....

How is it possible that I have an 11 month old!! Crazy!

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