1st birthday wish list

After scouring catalogs and the internet Isabella has officially finalized her 1st birthday wishlist...haha...okay maybe her mom has...with her birthday being so close to Christmas these are the things Isabella is hoping make it into our home between the two....I had to break the news to her that her mommy and daddy could not get all of them for her birthday haha...

Chair: can't wait to have our hands on this Pottery Barn Anywhere chair...there are so many cute ones to choose from but I think this one wins...it won the votes from my sisters at least...I think this will most likely be arriving as her Christmas gift:)

Teepee: I am ready for one of these beauties to make it into our playroom...we had one growing up, strangely in a household of girls it was red with an airplane but I have so many fun memories playing in ours so can't wait for Isabella to have one...

Stroller: this has most definitely already been purchased as her gift from mommy and daddy....can't wait I'm hoping it is great as a push/walking toy...a perfect place to carry around her "bay-bays"

Tricycoo: this has officially been purchased by her Mimi and Popi....can't wait to take her on walks with this beautiful weather using this:)

Blabla doll: Can't wait for her to get this considering how much she LOVES dolls...I ordered it a while back but am holding out..they say introducing toys slowly helps with boredom:)

I think Isabella did a pretty fab job picking out her wish list...don't you agree!


  1. Grey and Isabella will have the same chair (surprise, surprise!:)) It is the perfect match for Grey's nursery! Love the tent too! How are we already celebrating her one year birthday!?
    PS- the shower pics turned out great! Love you!

    1. NO way Jaimee:) haha....I actually really like the Sherpa one and it matches her room better but I was afraid it'd get too dirty! My indecisive self may change my mind by Dec;) I know I can't believe she is almost 1;( tear