Foto Friday

Hello Friday!! This week just flew by as do most!! I mean is it seriously October 4th already!! We had lots of fun this week....we've got a silly girl on our hands and this week was no different....

Saying "hi" to daddy on the phone while he worked!!

"We are the best friends that anybody could have"...haha these two are going to be BFFs whether they like it or not....busted out the double so they could go on a walk!!

Showing off all her teeth when she was giggling from being tickled...we suddenly have 5 teeth....and man did we fill it...

Was putting a cup away and turned around to this....such a helper

And the responsibly mom I am stopped to get pictures...

Usually prints bother me on our fridge but I couldn't erase this one for days

We had a couple beautiful nights so we played outside and had some chalk time!!

This girl and her new tongue game...her favorite time to play it is while eating...makes for a fun mess:) 

She loves to stand at the window and often looks for "daddy" since he is very rarely out there mowing

Happy weekend!!

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