Foto Friday

Another weekly photo dump.....I mean, seriously I think our weeks get crazier and crazier and busier and busier....I am so thankful its Friday but truly need time to slow down just a bit so I can get caught up....showers, jobs, life, doctors appts, dentist appts....eek slow down...I need to catch up
My sweet side kick headed to pick up daddy at the airport...I spy a diaper...this girl...I swear she loves them...she even hugs and pats them haha

Daddy was out of town so mommy dropped off Isabella for the first time in her 11 months with the nanny...I loved having a little extra time in the morning with her but was not a fan of having to leave and Isabella was not happy with me leaving...broke my sweet friend Jen sent me a picture of her happy as can be after I left though and made me feel better...I am glad that my schedule allows me to always be the one to pick her up and not drop off...I don't think I would be able to do it..

Tuesday was beautiful so we got lots of outside time including chalk time

We have the most incredible nanny who absolutely adores Isabella and Graham...she sent me these pics of them enjoying the beautiful day as well:)

This girl loves walks

I attempted this sheer craziness too....3 dogs and a stroller eek...not sure this will be a regular thing but the dogs loved it and so did Isabella
It's not often that we get all frou frou (and yes I had to google how to spell that) and all girlie dressed up but this dress was a gift and it is finally fitting!
Lil princess

This girl can stand cracks me up because she still refuses to take a step but is so proud of her self for standing up without holding on...momma is proud to....she got way to excited and was clapping and waving her arms last night and had her first big spill but was right back up and going....

Late night cuddles with her pickles...

Happy Friday

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