Foto Friday

Weekly phone photo dump...we had a fun week...crazy, busy fun!!
Daddy has been out of town so mommy got to go in work late...sure loved Monday morning with this cute girl

I could get use to having mornings off:)

Will do anything for food:)

We are in trouble this girl LOVES to talk on the phone...if she doesn't have anything she will even use her arm haha

No phone...I'll improvise...arm works:)

Just packing up her pumpkin "purse"

I finally made her an infinity scarf....I've been wanting to and finally remembered to get the fabric:)

She loved it haha...

Despite all my efforts she loves to climb up on this thing

Her daddy is so smitten...he asks for pictures of her when he's working...melts my heart

Who am I kidding we both love to get pictures when we are away:)

Best buddies waiting for daddy to come home...she loves her "Dixies"

Smash cake for her photo shoot Saturday done and done!!

Some late night last minute crafting for a friend!! I was hoping to make everyone one for our pumpkin patch adventure today but didn't have time


Starting to get picky she picks around the corn and peas...Eek!

SO excited for this weekend...State Fair, Pumpkin Patch, Romeo & Juliet ballet, Oktoberfest, birthday parties oh my!! It's going to be fun and crazy...can't wait!

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