Weekend Wrap-Up

Like I said in my Foto Friday I got to take Friday off....Mimi needed to recoop from surgery, plus it was her birthday so in honor we both took the day off....it was seriously heavenly...

Friday...Isabella and I had a blast of a morning....I headed to the gym for the first time in October...eek yes I admit it...it was incredible...so much so I might have teared up from excitement,  it was the endorphins people...I'm a sensitive girl...ask anyone that really knows me I tear up/cry so easily usually happy tears but sad times bring on the sobs....anyways...then we got some painting done...then to keep the norm of our Fridays we headed to our favorite Mexican place for dinner

Looking so grown up in her jean jacket....are you kidding me this is your kids water haha!! She loves to get kids cups with straws at restaurants:)

Saturday...we had a leisurely morning....then headed to celebrate our Aunite Chaille and Mimis' birthdays, did some shopping, went to Derek's first birthday party then did some crafting for Isabella's first birthday!

Lounging with daddy

Oh just munching on my favorite Starbuck's snack and shopping with Mimi and mommy

Auntie Chaille

Happy birthday Chaille

This weaning thing is for the birds...Isabella would agree...she did finally enjoy some milk with daddy...she prefers a straw for her milk...go figure...hey whatever it takes!

Love this stylish girl, rocking her scarf her momma made and the shirt may or maynot be Gap boys;)

Celebrating birthdays!!

Being overtaken by boys:)

Sunday...daddy had to work so a girls day it was....we had lots of playing and crafting time...errands, shopping, cooking, you name it we did it...
Enjoying a lil Baby Einstein before getting our day started

If you can't pick one just push both....this is when I panicked she was losing weight...her jeans were falling off her!

Chicken you say? my fave!!

We have searched the world to find a faux fur vest and Sunday=Success!!

Helping mom be crafty...she was so proud of herself!

Hope you had a blessed, happy weekend!

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