Foto Friday has been a CRAY-Z week...the hubs was out of town the whole week elk hunting in Colorado with little phone much has had me overwhelmed in a huge decision lately and man we miss him....My sweet Momma was a life saver...PS please continue praying for her, her port site is still super irritated and causing her quite a bit of pain...Isabella was such a trooper with 12 month shots, teething, time change, schedule thankful for the sweetest, most flexible baby...

1st strawberry...she loved it..

Playing with her cousins and their Halloween treats

Bath time (her favorite time) at Mimi's

Saggy britches

OMG this belly...this picture is one of my faves...she was so full...cracks me up

Double fisting...milk-water-milk-water-such a decision

Her 1st chick fil A...she was indifferent...mostly enjoyed the grapes:)

She was a little "off" this week from said this was the best pic we got

Of course she was her usual goofball self as soon as I put her down...

Spinning in circles with her "CD's"

Cutie in her lil Mud pie outfit

My bathroom buddy

Shoppin with mommy...trying on her own shirt..

Her reaction when I told her daddy was headed home

Ready for "nigh, nigh" in her new PJs from the Sneed's

Happy Friday!! I NEED this weekend! Can't wait to see our hubs/daddy!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

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