Foto Friday

This was a cray-z week to say the least!! I am SO thankful it is Friday....this might have been the craziest, busiest week at work I've ever had lots of changes and I'm not loving any of them....

Just being a big girl walking with her dollie

SO thankful sweet Hatch and Alli came by to visit me at work on Tuesday.....I NEEDED it so bad...its how I survived Tuesday...Hatch getting a practice run at a smash cake....

The hubs and I were lucky enough to score these incredible tickets....we had such a fun night..much needed date night...Excuse the hubs not so sexy no shave movember stash

Umm...look how close we were it was amazing!!

Meeting Mimi to shop....

She is obsessed with this toy....haha sending pics and videos to daddy when he works late

This girl ran a fever Wednesday night as soon as mommy arrived at Book Club dinner so I rushed other symptoms just fever poor baby..rough couple of days

This is how you remedy not feeling well...lots of rides and extra paci time....right when we are trying to retire the paci she is in love with it!! We don't usually take it out of bed but she has refused to let it go...maybe next week when she feels better

Just lounging cuddling her socks...another photo for daddy while working

I can't remember the last time this sweet girl fell asleep in my arms...I was in heaven and soaked up every minute of it

More cruising with Mimi holding onto her owl from sweet Caroline...

HELLO Friday....I needed you!

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