Foto Friday

This is one of those weeks where I could shout TGIF!! I think in my over 10 years of working this has been the most emotional and stressful. I had a huge job on my plate, lost way too many precious coworkers and SO many changes equals one emotionally and physically exhausted momma!! Our week was lowkey thank goodness lots of naptimes and playtimes...
I wish this wasn't blurry...this girl loves to look and play in the mirror...she thought she was hilarious with the towel on her head!!

Our daily ritual...she puts the 3 "CDs" in the back, whines for a ride, then points for you to hand the "CDs" to her...seriously same routine, every time

Mrs. Independent prefers to feed herself

And prefers mommy's water

Being silly as always

So funny what is so innate...she loves to carry purses

Loving her glow worm...we've started putting it in her bed as her night light

Shopping at we do on a weekly basis..our fave..entertaining shoppers and enjoying time out of the house

I wish you could see her face but by her cheeks you can see her sheer "bath time" excitement 

Cute lil booty

Thankful for higher ups who realize and appreciate the work you do.

TGIF..I Never say that but it is SO warranted today

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  1. I'm sorry your week has been so rough. :( That little girl makes all things better though! Love you!