Foto Friday....Halloween Party

This week iPhone photo dump consists of 90% Halloween party pics....we had such a crazy, Halloween, 1st birthday party...I'm up to my eyeballs in party planning and loving every minute of it...
Of course like birthdays I think the whole month should be celebrated and for sure at least the week and now having a little one that calls for cute outfits:)

I wish I could get as excited about bills and junk mail as this girl...she loves it

And as excited about bath time...heck I wish I was was as excited as she is about, eating, bathing, mail:) oh the joys of childhood

It's all in the details:)

Snacks for the kids...pineapple, mandarin oranges, and Greek yogurt

Isn't this outfit from the Vo's it

Cute lil munchkins...we missed Derek who was home sick

Kiddie table

Me and my lil owl

Our house was 1/2 decorated for Halloween 1/2 for her bday:)

Hope you had a happy, happy Halloween...I had so much fun looking at everyones cute many great ideas and cute costumes:)

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