Weekend wrap-up

Man what a weekend, really month that is...this time of year is always crazy with all the holidays and add in a sweet girls birthday and it is CRAZY!!

Friday...I was knee deep in baking and putting up birthday decor...we did take a quick dinner break to go to our favorite dinner spot...

Pushing around her new toy from her Auntie & Uncle Greg and Erin

Walked in to this girl doodling!! She loves this:)

 Our social curious girl taking it all in...

Cuddles...the best!!

Weaning from the bottle has been 1/2 successful

Cutie pie...silly goose!

Saturday...was the big 1st birthday party...another post to come on all the details and pics
Love this...ones of my faces....love how much she is "talking" these days... she was trying so hard to get her shoes on

Late after party fun!

Reading her book all her friends signed

Quick birthday details:)

Sunday...we dropped daddy off at the airport way too early to go Elk hunting, went to church, lunch with Mimi and Poppi, took a quick nap and headed to dinner with some of our faves the Ellis'

1st waffles for the birthday girl...

after nap birthday balloons....

begged to go for a spin in her new ride

What the birthday girl wants, she gets:)

More details and pics to come once I recover from the craziness:)

Didn't realize my videos were all funky...thats why I usually just use Youtube....all fixed now

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