Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend did not disappoint...they never do these days...daddy decided to surprise us and head home early:) He got home at 3 am Saturday and we both couldn't have been more excited...he had a blast on his trip with Eric but its always nice to come home!

Friday....Isabella and I ran tons of errands and did lots of shopping while daddy was out of town.....I posted those in my late Foto Friday

Saturday...we headed to the local Frisco parade with some sweet friends....had lunch with daddy....had a good lil nap....then headed to our friends to celebrate Matt's big 3-0....I LOVE my friends....we are so blessed, I am so thankful for them, our relationships and now watching our sweet kiddos play

Parade fun..

She loved it...she smiled and pointed at everything:)

Kids in a box....oh what fun...sweet Pierce wanted to join there just wasn't room

"I've got friends in low places" love these 3
Adorable Wyatt helping daddy
Sunday...we had a relaxing chore filled day, had small group and recoup from the crazy week
Mimi told her she needed her Christmas list and Isabella took this chore very seriously and searched every catalog we had to find the perfect gifts;)

We are having our 1st crock pot meal exchange....so I prepped 12 Southwest Flat Iron steaks....24 lbs of meat, 18 peppers, 8 onions...can't wait...more details to come

Just reading through Acts with daddy...

And of course Isabella couldn't disappoint...this girl loves to entertain so she decided to take her first steps while we were all gathered playing in the room....I love Isabella's sheer excitement at the end and all my sweet friends excitement as well...have I mentioned that I am SO blessed....love that my friends get this excited for my lil family too!

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