Weekend Wrap-up

So I didn't forget to recap our weekend…Monday was crazy and to top it off my phone decided to die out of no where….tried restarting it no dice, sad day…thankfully I had backed up most of my photos and videos but I did lose a few from the weekend so I am oh so sad:(  So I just have a couple quick pics to share..

Friday night I had a pajama party/cookie exchange with some sweet friends…we were suppose to watch Elf and ended up watching "She's all that" for memory sakes:) Daddy and Isabella had a daddy/daughter night…Isabella also decided to have her first full blown tantrum after I wouldn't give her more cheerios…this girl is a bottomless pit and I was trying to choose a better option that cheerios but she is so smart she knows right where they are see pantry photo...

So fake!!

Mommy please

Saturday…we helped daddy trade in his truck for a work car…hoping to save some miles on a truck and gas money and get him a new truck later next year…lost all the photos of her entertaining everyone at the car dealership:( She was quite the star….then we headed for Rosalie's 1st birthday party…

Sunday…we headed to church then my sweet parents came over to help us post flooding make our house livable until all the repairs can occur…we have/had furniture all over, misplaced, carpet ripped up, fans going…still not perfect but at least I can sleep in my bed…almost missed work Monday because I didn't hear my alarm clock over all the loud box fans but welp….I made it…..
Also lost the sweet picture of Isabella copying me while fixing frames:( Sigh…..Also trying to figure out how to get my favorite video of her with her lovie off Instagram back on my phone?!

Happy week ya'll!! T-8 days til Christmas!

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  1. I bet it's so hard not to laugh at her throwing a tantrum! We already laugh at Grey just for crying over nothing! Ha! : ) Boo to flooding and broken phones.