13-14 month must haves

Finger puppets: Love these adorable Blah-Blah kids finger puppets...Isabella is a huge fan of any shape or form of a "Doll"

Puzzle: I love watching Isabella concentrate on puzzles these days...these ones with the knobs are perfect for little hands

Crayons: My friend recommended these....Isabella loves, loves to color but she also likes to throw her crayons and regular crayons vs wood floors, well wood floors win every time and the crayons break! These are great because they don't break so easily!

Play-doh: Isabella loves play doh....she's only tried to eat it once or twice;) She's pretty good with it and loves for me to make different shapes with it.. We sit at her big girl table and color and play, play-doh almost everyday.

Elephant: This toy has been a hit forever when we went to friends houses....we just got her one for Christmas...it's perfect for teaching hand, eye coordination...I think I have as much fun with this as she does...

Hoping to post her 14 month post soon...only a few days late haha!

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