Book//Plates//Sippy cups//Heart envelope//cookie jars///PJs//Heart shirt///Heart pants

We are very ready for Valentine's day....I love everything about Valentine's day...the hearts, the pink/red, the special time to thank your special someone...I've always been a sap for Valentine's day...even now being married I know we show each other we love one another every day ha I still think its fun to take the time to make this special...doesn't have to be anything big just an extra sweet letter, some flowers (I'm a sucker for flowers, I will take them any day), a romantic date night, a delicious steak dinner, yes please sign me up...

So I admit it our Valentine's day decor went up almost immediately after Christmas decor came down...I always feel like my house seems empty after Christmas so I put mine up right away this year....I'm glad I've gotten to enjoy the little LOVE around my house:)

My mom always got us a gift for Valentine's day and I plan to continue this for our lil made us feel so special...I loved it...

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