Weekend Wrap up

We had a fun busy weekend...we had a lazy steak dinner Friday after our friends who we were going to meet for dinner had some car trouble....visited Gigi in the hospital, had Levi's birthday party, church, lunch date and hosted small group....all in all a beautiful weekend except mommy's allergies that are SO out of control...I thin kmy immune system currently hates me...

Saturday...we spent some time visiting Gigi in the hospital...praying her bleeding stops and she can go home today...
This girl has gotten super cuddly these days...I have dreamed of these moments...

Cuddling with her Mamaw

Then we headed to Levi's bday party...she loves to get into arcade cars and "drive"

Playing with cousin Laci

Sunday....my favorite morning cuddles...then church and small group....aw so thankful

She loves her baby and milk 

All ready for church....loves this beautiful, sweet girl

Loving daddy's cookies and cream milk shake....I can't blame her

Her first fish sticks and second taste of ranch...she said "mmm" after every bite...

Adore that we have this lion for her to enjoy that we loved as kids:)

Hope you had a great weekend...I got a whole 3 hours of sleep last night thanks to awful allergies and some crazy insomnia that has hit me lately...praying I sleep tonight!!

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