Football Party

 This weekend we hosted a Super Bowl party...sick kiddos and bad weather threatened to ruin our best made plans but in the end it worked out great....we missed those who couldn't make it but had a house full of sweet friends, kid laughter, yelling dads, cheering moms (for Bruno Mars) that is, and lots of good was your game day? I know it wasn't a great game but pretty much think half time, Bruno Mars rocked it!!!
Super easy bunting I made with scrapbook paper and white out pen!

Made this runner using mailing paper, tape and white out to make the #s

"Beer"garita ingredients...excuse the X-large tequila that's what happens when you send the hubs to the liquor has lasted us for several parties so probably a good purchase;) He's always right, haha!

"Beer"garita recipe as promised

4 Corona light
4 shots tequila
2 cups Limeade
2 shots lime juice

Mix all together in pitcher...serve over ice...Makes about 8 servings

This girl has been walking around with her hands behind her back...conspiring?!

The snack/appetizer spread....I missed the huge spread...let's leave it at buffalo dip, cheese/crackers, cookies, brownies, chips, dip....we were stuffed...

Who let Duck's Dynasty in to cook at my house...

My incredible chef hubby taking charge of the meat!

When the weather doesn't cooperate just move the bounce house inside.

My adorable right hand lady!!

Ready to party!

Dad and his sidekick making final plans...

I bought a thick poster board and chalked this on...super fast and easy display!!

Buffalo wing of my faves!!

Drinks anyone?!

The kid/preggo friendly these organic, healthy options

The spread...

Hope you enjoyed some good food and company!!

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