Foto Friday (on Monday)

I failed again on Friday, ha! My Fridays have seemed to be crazy lately and when I find time to sit down at my computer I just don't feel up to it so here is our week recap really fast.
Sweet girls first molar came through this week so I thought I she needed a nice cold treat...her first frozen yogurt..she loved it!

Helping mommy clean the leather ottoman

Playing in boxes is so fun!!

Crazy hair don't care!! haha

We may not have enough hair for pigtails but we have enough for a faux hawk:)

I came home to sweet girl dressed in this...haha Too much leopard?! haha

My precious heart showing off her new CrewandLu moccasins

Valentine's breakfast for my littlest love...

She thought it was hilarious to put the whole pancake on the fork!

If it gets really quiet, I can ALWAYS find her here right at her table crafting:)

Or here looking out the window with her "doggies"

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