Foto Friday

As per the usual lately I didn't get around to posting on Friday...not sure why when we finally unwind these days the last thing I want to do is pull out my laptop ha! We had a fun week last week...
I made it to the gym for the first time's see when I make it again...ha I decided I either needed to go or cancel my membership!

Lil munchkin got her first salmon and was shoveling it like it was chocolate cake!!

Signing for "more" oh my love...she has crazy stolen my heart!!

Haha love this lil jokester...she thought this was so funny!!

She loves her snacks in her bowl

Salmon take #2 she still loved it!! Success!!

Got to have a girl's dinner to celebrate this beautiful girls birthday!

Her dad was laying down so she was mimicking him:)

She Love, loves her chalkboard!

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