Foto Friday

Just a quick recap of our love week around was a long rough week around our house....Isabella had 2 nights of horrible reflux where she was spitting up in her sleep then daddy came down with a horrific stomach bug that kept us up all night on Wednesday...We started Isabella back on Prevacid on Monday and it finally has kicked in and daddy  is finally feeling was strangely coincidental that Isabella's night time reflux flared when we stopped her guess is her paci was helping her reflux by her constantly swallowing so the paci is gone and Prevacid is here...praying she still outgrows this and its not a forever thing....I'm blaming it on her daddy who has horrible heart burn:(

This was Isabella seeing her daddy for the first time after he shaved his beard...I don't think she was a fan!

Little cupcakes I made for my cutie pie...

Cuddles and tummy rub for my precious reflux girl

Such a tough decision...she just sampled them all:)

Love her

Ta da!!!

Shopping has become quite an adventure....she prefers to stand up...

My lil love bug
My momma still after all these years thinks about us for Valentine's day...her buying us gifts on Valentines was and still is such a sweet memory!
Sweet treats for our nanny and friends;)

She loves to sit here for her afternoon snack and Dixie stays close by for crumbs!

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