Foto Friday

What a week around, several 1sts, rather uneventful but busy all the same...
The meal of a toddler...1st PB&J, she basically just wanted the jelly:)

1st ride in her big girl car seat...finally seemed big enough for it...she loved it:) Pardon the pink cheeks we had just played hard outside:)

This girl would play outside all day/night if you let her...

Just practicing her head stand or down dog if you will...

Officially purchased brothers first clothes...I LOVE boy clothes..I'm in trouble!!

Keeping this girl busy while at my 16 week appointment proving to be busy as usual:)

Their first snow cone date...both saying "come on mom"

This girl found Cole's sledge hammer and just helped herself:)

Once again better late than never...I have to share our week for Mamaw and have to do something with these 1000s of pictures I have taken...I have literally taken at least 1 every day of Isabella's life:)

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