Weekend Wrap up

We had such a fun weekend filled with way too many sweets and good food....lots of fun friend time and down time, my perfect kind of weekend!

Friday night...The hubs and I went had our redo Valentine's dinner at an all you can eat Brazilian Steakhouse where you can turn your card to red/green when you want more meat or need them to STOP....if you haven't done this you must....so fun....and Pellegrino with lime has become my new wine!!

Saturday...we had Brandt's birthday party then had a busy Saturday working around the house...I attempted to tackle my party planning closet that will soon be brother's closet and it proved to be far too overwhelming...I called for back up for a later date....my preggo brain felt like it was going to explode...

This is how I am able to get ready in the mornings...she entertains herself with my necklaces:)

This girl is SO afraid of bounce houses so we spent our time "driving" or just running around...

OH love these 2...thanks for capturing Amy!
Isabella loves big girls...she kept sitting in Gracie's lap and following her around

The party wore her out...she was fast asleep as soon as we hit the car

This is my party closet...it once was super organized but welp...

Made some progress organized holiday decor and moved party decor to another room at least ha!!

Sunday...we just had church, nap time and small group...perfect Sunday in my book...
All ready for church

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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