15-16 month must haves

15-16 month must haves

Table: Our little one is obsessed with her table, I actually got one from a friend and repainted it using white Annie Sloan chalk paint...thanks to an incessant amount of coloring, stickers, etc all over the table it could already use a new coat of paint but I love how it looks so loved;) I used a dow rod and this paper from Ikea so I can pull paper over the top and at least protect some of it!

Hair clips: we are finally at the stage where we can just barely slip in a hair clip...loving all the hair clips by Georgia and Jane and Charlie Coco's

Shoes: we are also at the stage where we need good outdoor play shoes, man trying to find cute ones proved to be far more difficult that I had anticipated...we finally settled on these cute Pumas....

Stickers: our little girl is obsessed with stickers....she can be entertained by them for hours out of the day...I am also loving these reusable Melissa & Doug stickers and will be investing in some soon

Stackable blocks: my mom got these adorable Melissa & Doug stocking blocks for Valentine's day and they have been a huge hit...she loves to stack them up then whack the heck out of them and giggle and say "woo"

 Crazy how much different this looks from our 1 month must haves!!

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