Arboretum fun

Last Friday like I said sweet girl and I met some of my longest, sweetest friends at the Dallas Arboretum for some fun!! It was beautiful weather, perfect company, a little too much sun....but lots of fun....a couple weeks ago I took a photography refresher course with my friend was so nice to sit down and walk back through the basics of aperture, ISO, and trying to put it all back together...I walked away feeling so much more if I could just find the time to ever edit any photos...ha! My goal is to get the best picture possible through my lens since editing time is null these was SO bright and sunny at the Arboretum  I couldn't even see my screen or read my light meter so I am happy with some of the pictures considering...a few are a little overexposed but I'm like the overexposed look these days a few are a little more than I like but for the brightest, sunniest day we have had lately I will take it!

I think she loves him!!

Totally unprompted

Can't wait to practice some more...I have a few recent park pics where I actually used my camera instead of iPhone that I need to post too!!