Bumpdates 16 & 17 weeks

Baby's size: size of an avocado

How far along: 16 weeks

Developing this week: Bones are now developed in the ears meaning you can hear my voice:) Developed facial muscles allow you to make some facial expressions!!

Weight gain: 4ish pounds

Sleep: Still suffering from some insomnia, allergies and frequent bathroom breaks...still napping when possible though your sissy may drop her nap soon thus mommy will not get to nap ha!

Maternity Clothes: Not just yet...holding out...

Food cravings: Apples, soup (though it doesn't usually settle well after), lemonade

Food aversions: Still not keen on salads though vegetables with salt sound good;)

Symptoms I have: having some occasional nausea still but it has significantly improved, a few headaches, round ligament pain

Doctor’s Appointment: next appointment is for our 20 week sonogram

Movement: yes and loving it, can't wait for it to be more consistent...it is almost always on my left side so you must like that side:)

Belly Button: an outie!

Gender: Boy, Boy, Boy!

Best moment of the week: Getting to feel all those occasional movements, nausea starting to improve

What I’m looking forward to: Our 20 week sonogram and daddy getting to feel you move! 

17 weeks

Baby's size: size of an onion

How far along: 17 weeks

Developing this week: Cartilage is turning into bone, umbilical cord is thickening, gaining more fat

Weight gain: 6ish pounds

Sleep: Had an okay week....a few restless nights, 4-5 bathroom breaks at night

Maternity Clothes: not just yet...may unpack my old ones soon!

Food cravings: raisin bread toast with peanut butter (breakfast everyday this week, ha), fruit

Food aversions: Nothing new really just salad

Symptoms I have: some cramping and stretching pain

Doctor’s Appointment: Big 20 week sonogram and appointment in a couple weeks

Movement: Yes!! And daddy got to feel you move on Sunday it was so sweet we were all resting in bed before church and you kicked around like crazy:)

Belly Button: Outie

Gender: BoY!

Best moment of the week: Daddy getting to feel you move! Bigger and stronger movements

What I’m looking forward to: Our next sonogram:)

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