Foto Friday

We had a fun week around here last week, everything seems more fun with a sidekick all the time....hope you did too! 

Checking out the play area at her first dentist appointment

Fun tube and slide area

Mesmerized by the TV on the ceiling

She did great, wasn't a fan of the fluoride but I don't blame her I don't either!

I'm trying not to jinx us but I think we have hit an unpicky she is asking for more...hallelujah after almost a month of almost impossible eating!!

"Mom I'm busy, its a very important business deal, it requires 2 phones"

My cute sno cone date...momma had a sore throat and this girl was stir crazy so Bahama bucks it was

This girl LOVES her "boon" from Brandt's bday made it even in the bath:)

Snacking and shopping...what we do best!

Her Gigi got her this for Christmas for later and every time she sees it in the garage she has to ride it:)


She brought me the dogs bow after trying to put it in her hair...I think I see pig tails very, very soon!! And maybe a pebbles ponytail on top;) The sides are another story!

Isabella and I supporting the End it Movement...speaking out and shining light on Slavery

That about sums up our, shopping, snacking, playing, repeat!!!

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