Foto Friday

We had a crazy week around here...had a few fun afternoons....Costco run, sushi date, fun with cousins and thankful that I can be home most of the afternoon with my sweet girl!!
I'd say she loved the samples at Costco

Look we have hair!!

Just a girl and her stickers

My picky eater has made a turn...she ate all of these raspberries:)

Having fun at Mimi's house

Pulling out the old games....she loved this:)

Having fun with Aunt Hannah

This girl LOVES to color...

Enjoying a little burger

Chalk fun with cousins

Partying on a school night

This girl has gotten SO cuddly...she loves to climb up and sit in peoples laps, will put her arms around my neck and hug me, and loves to lay her head on my chest at night...hallelujah I have longed for this day!!

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