Week in Photos

Our week started out so great getting to see our sweet boy who passed his 20 week sonogram with flying colors...He was just as active as he is everyday...our world was rocked in an unexpected way on Tuesday and let's just say neither Dennis or I wanted to work and cherished every single second we had with our sweet girl..

Loving her free stickers that came in the mail...thank you Disney

This girl is quite the jokester 

Daddy getting love from his girls..

Enjoying the beautiful weather on the patio

Playing with her animals and making their sounds

Waving at everyone in Target

Mimi sent this sweet picture to me this week...just what I needed. SO incredibly thankful for my amazing momma...don't know what I would do without her

Love this sweet face..thankful to see her everyday

Spent Friday at the Arboretum with 2 of my oldest friends and our babies...I actually took my camera with me yipee for me so I will post more pics soon!!

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