Weekend Wrap-up

I love weekends...the weather this weekend was mixed with 2 beautiful days then a crazy wintery mix on Sunday...come on Texas quit being so indecisive!!

Friday...Mimi came to play and then we tackled a huge amount of holiday decor and filled the back of my mom's car with stuff for Goodwill (huge steps for this girl who keeps every thing:) Then we had some park fun with Graham and Jen and grabbed dinner with the Morgans our sweet friends...
Just shopping with Mimi and baby

Beautiful 80 degree weather at Hope Park...

I can't believe I didn't video this...if you haven't heard Isabella's "food excitement giggle/voice" you are missing out...she entertained the table next to us...one day I will capture it..

Saturday...we had our typical lazy morning, then momma headed to the Ballet....I think by far the most amazing and one of my faves plus my sis and her hubs had the most amazing solo, then Isabella and Dennis met us in downtown Ft Worth for dinner with the fam and to celebrate my beautiful sister Heather's birthday...I LOVE, LOVE my fam...so blessed

Allowing my toddler to be independent and learn...learning for this Type A momma too:)....yes #momfail I realized I forgot the bib after her first bite

She looked down and said "Uh oh" and reached for a paper towel to clean it...

And to get the last few bites the hand does the trick:)

Photos from Texas Ballet Theatre FB since I failed to take pics of the fam at all...my sister is second from left

My brother in law is the boy obviously:)

Dinner with the family

Sunday...despite what felt like below zero temps and ice we made it to church and small group with a wonderful nap between...

Her most favorite place to be!!

Currently obsessed with stickers...I find them every where...don't worry I refuse to be the parent with stickers on their refrigerator or car window;)

Sharing her stickers with mommy!!

Can't believe this baby bump already...this boy is proving to be quite active already...I think we are going to have another active, wild child on our hands:) Even daddy got to feel him already!!

Hope you had an incredible blessed weekend!

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