Weekend Wrap up

Gosh what a much needed weekend we just had....busy, busy but oh so fun!! I feel like most weekends are like that and then the dreaded Monday:(

Friday....I got to spend my lunch hour with my sweet old coworkers like old times and spend time with beautiful Allison and her new sweet girl Vivian....then Isabella and I headed to find some new walking shoes...trying to find cute outdoor, play shoes has proven SO difficult...they are all too much for me flowers, hot pink, light up...I think I must design some now that are manageable...then we met some sweet friends for dinner and fun play time!
Pretty much adore this precious gift!!

Stank face on the carousel with momma...

She wanted me to hold her the whole carousel ride...

She cried and threw a mild tantrum to taste my decaf coffee...thought she would hate it and spit it out but she would have drank the whole thing if she could...

The guys thought they looked like a couple with us leaving them with our bags but we thought they did here more haha...

Boys and their sweet kiddos...not much cuter

Isabella was so proud and kept turning around and waving at us..

Saturday...we headed to Laila's adorable picnic birthday party....then Mimi and Popi came over to watch sweet Isabella so we could head for a date night out and celebrate Ashley's 30th birthday
My sweet girl...

Adorable fingerprint sign in

The adorable picnic spread

Love these girls!

Sunday...we had a lazy morning, got lots done around the house and had our usual small group

Putting makeup on her lovie

This girl...steals my heart over and over again

Cousin Noelle and Aunt Chaille came to visit...Isabella kept wanting to sit in Noelle's lap who responded "This is so awkward" haha

And thats a wrap....only 5 days til Friday

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