Weekend wrap up

We had a really fun, busy weekend!! Love spending time with family and friends over the weekends....I have made it my life goal to stay as busy as possible haha.....

Friday...lil munckin and I ran a bunch of errands....one of which included running some books to 1/2 Price Books to sell...45 minutes later they offered me 2 bucks for 20ish books, 2 bucks...come on waste of my time...won't do that again but at least they are out of my house!
Entertaining ourselves while waiting...she LOVES books!!

Kind of like her purse book she loves from her Mamaw

Quick stop at Old Navy where she had to try on all the "Shoos"

Picking up baby brothers new/old dresser at Dumpster Diva...love the way it turned out...she did it just as I imagined...swoon...

Saturday...daddy and sweet girl headed to see Gigi in the hospital while momma finished up last minute details for a baby shower, Isabella entertained us all at the shower since she decided not to nap, then we had a delish dinner and watched Gravity...

"Tiffanys" baby shower for our sweet friend Pia..more pics and details later
Sharing her lovie with everyone at the shower

Sunday...we did the usual church, nap, chores, small group...then Dennis and I watched "Twelve years a slave" amazing yet so sad movie...I couldn't bear to watch some parts...
This girl does not miss a thing...she will no longer just take a slice of cheese, she must have a cracker and will eat it just like mommy and daddy...I have NEVER served it to her this way...she has just watched and copied!


She may be more obsessed with cheese than her momma and daddy which seems near impossible

Her obsession with shoes doesn't stop at just girls shoes...she wanted to wear her Papaw's boots!

Back to the grind of the work week!! Why does Monday come way too soon!!

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