Bumpdates 21 weeks

I know I look like I just went for a run in my pics this week and for all purposes lets just pretend I did...haha...I did work 8 hours then chase around a toddler outside, that counts right?! And I apologize for the weekly "selfie" I didn't take but a few last pregnancy and I was so sad so I swore this time I would take more so you get to be tortured with them;)

Baby's size: size of a banana

How far along: 21 weeks

Developing this week: taste buds are formed...time to start increasing your palate and eating a variety of foods;)

Weight gain: 10 lbs

Sleep: Still have at least 3 bathroom breaks every night but my stretches seem longer, I get super tired by 9 pm (in my defense my alarm goes off at 4:45 everyday), having some charlie horses in my sleep which=sore calves the next day (free calf workout?!?)

Maternity Clothes: Working my normal clothes as much as possible but the maternity clothes are officially out and ready to be hung up

Food cravings: watermelon (mmm, in particular the salad we had in Spain and my sweet hubby replicated it), Grilled chicken (strange since it was my biggest aversion last pregnancy), salty things over sweet things (cliche boy craving;))

Food aversions: Still just plain lettuce green salads..had one for lunch this week and it didn't settle well

Symptoms I have: some restless leg at night, charlie horses in my sleep, but all in all feeling better and feel some energy returning...have some pretty intense c-section scar pain...its been a dull ache all pregnancy but over the last week the right side has been pretty painful

Doctor’s Appointment: Not for another 3 weeks bummer...but at least I get to feel you moving ALL the time these days...

Movement: So much...still trying to decide if you are more active than your sissy was...thinking ya'll are about the same but you may be just a tad bit more active than she was at this point.

Belly Button: an outie!

Gender: Sweet, handsome, boy

Best moment of the week: Everyday is a blessing, thankful for all the movin and groovin you are doing 

What I’m looking forward to: Getting some more work done on the nursery and ordering some furniture

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  1. Sweet, little momma! You look great! Selfies are awkward (since we are obviously from an older generation), but I loved my selfie bump pics...and I love yours too!!