Bumpdates 22 weeks

If I had known my thighs and saddlebags were going to get so big so fast this time I would have chosen something besides black spandex for my weekly bump dates;)

Baby's size: size of a spaghetti squash

How far along: 22 weeks

Developing this week: Sweet boy can perceive light and dark, hair is starting to grow (maybe the culprit for my reflux?!), you can also hear my voice and my heart beat and belly girgle:), brain and nerve endings are developed to where you have a sense of touch now and are probably playing with your umbilical cord as we speak

Weight gain: 12 lbs (eek creeping up there way too fast this time;)) 

Sleep: Some nights seem better than others....having less bathroom breaks than before

Maternity Clothes: Have pulled them out and worn a few things mixed with my normal clothes

Food cravings: pineapple, raspberries, iced decaf nonfat white chocolate mocha with no whip (picky eh!), and the chocolate croissant at Starbucks is to die for:)

Food aversions: Salad..though I can have them occasionally for dinner still

Symptoms I have: similar as last week....c-section scar pain was a little less this week definitely went through a growth spurt last week that clearly was stretching that scar out, reflux has come with a vengeance bringing some nausea with it, growing and growing by the day

Doctor’s Appointment: 2 more weeks...can't wait

Movement: So much crazy movement these days...I can't remember Isabella at this point but he seems SO active....I love to stare at my belly and watch him go crazy!!

Belly Button: an outie!

Gender: Sweet, sweet, boy

Best moment of the week: All this fun movement...seeing my belly just keep growing 

What I’m looking forward to: Making some progress on the nursery (still not much there:), continuing to add to little Mr. wardrobe

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