Bumpdates 23 weeks

Excuse the no make up, rained on look...it was an exhausting few days...haha...woke up this morning thinking oh it isn't so big then took this picture after dinner and thought dang my belly is big;)

Baby's size: size of a papaya
How far along: 23 weeks

Developing this week: Sweet boy will start packin on the pounds this week....will double his weight in the next couple weeks. Skin is a red hue from developing veins and arteries underneath. Organs and bones are visible through the skin

Weight gain: 15ish lbs 

Sleep: Finally sleeping so much better....still with 3-4 bathroom breaks but less wakefulness...not sure if I should attribute it to the fact that I am wearing my mouth guard and maybe not waking my self up from grinding or if its just that time

Maternity Clothes: Wearing a little of both

Food cravings: still about the same....craved caprese salad one night, cereal for breakfast, fruit and salt & vinegar chips?! Random...I never eat chips!

Food aversions: Still just salad

Symptoms I have: definitely feeling large and in charge...still having c-section scar pain that is already making me waddle sometimes....restless leg still a little, have had some bouts of nausea here and there

Doctor’s Appointment: 1 more week...can't wait

Movement: Lots and lots of sweet movements...I swear at times it feels like you are trying to karate chop your way out of here already!! Haha...please, please sweet boy though stay in a cook much longer

Belly Button: an outie!

Gender: Sweet, sweet, boy

Best moment of the week: Feeling and watching you move!! Every day is a blessing

What I’m looking forward to: Our appointment next week...each day feeling like it is flying by this time...we need to get busy on your nursery...

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