Bumpdates 24 & 25 weeks

Baby's size: size of a canteloupe 

How far along: 24  weeks

Developing this week: Brain activity is close to that of a newborn, can develop conscious though and memory, auditory system is well developed and can recognize sounds and songs 

Weight gain: 15 lbs

Sleep: Slept pretty good this week...still having frequent bathroom breaks but slept pretty well

Maternity Clothes: Mixing some regular with maternity

Food cravings: still craving my Starbucks decaf iced coffee, cereal, yogurt with granola and berries

Food aversions: Same...Salad..I did make one using very little lettuce from the salad bar this week haha

Symptoms I have: having a few episodes of reflux, less stretching pain this week, a little lower abdomen discomfort when first standing up

Doctor’s Appointment: next week:)

Movement: lots and lots of movement, loving it...I love to just put my hand on my belly and feel and watch you move

Belly Button: an outie and squooshy

Gender: Sweet, sweet, boy

Best moment of the week: Finally ordering the crib and moving along with ideas for the nursery

What I’m looking forward to:  everyday....feeling closer and closer....feeling the pressure to get things done

Baby's size: size of an eggplant

How far along: 25 weeks

Developing this week: growing by leaps and bounds, measuring about 9 inches in length and 1.5 lbs, lungs developing surfactant

Weight gain: 15 lbs....eek...I asked my OB if this would slow down and she assured me it would but that with baby #2 everything seems to happen about 6 weeks earlier... 

Sleep: Slept pretty good....most nights equal left side...bathroom break...right side....bathroom break...repeat:)

Maternity Clothes: Definitely mixing them up...having to go up to small scrubs already this time:)

Food cravings: Iced decaf white chocolate mocha (I got the Starbuck's app with auto pay and refill...dangerous), nothing else major this week

Food aversions: lettuce, soups

Symptoms I have: feeling some good stretching this week....reflux on occasion...having to eat small meals more frequently

Doctor’s Appointment: Had our appointment this week....measuring right on 25 weeks, Heart rate 153

Movement: TONS!!! Dr. T says the 2nd baby seems move because you are so busy chasing a toddler they like to remind you of their presence;)

Belly Button: an outie!

Gender: Sweet, sweet, boy

Best moment of the week: Getting to hear that sweet, healthy heart beat...

What I’m looking forward to: Another sonogram...hoping we get another glimpse soon!! 

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