Foto Friday

Quick week in review of iPhone phone is starting to tell me its getting full....PS I bought the 16 gb so I could avoid this problem but apparently my picture/video taking problem runs deeper than 16 gb;)

"Bubbus" her current obsession

Just helping daddy

Trying to assure we do not cut off any fingers...

This girl has always been quite the face maker with eating but her and these tomatoes cracked me up this night haha!! Eat, gag, repeat!

I posted the condensed/short version of this on IG but its too cute not to share...this girl's giggle gets me every time!

Just the usual necklace entertainment while momma gets some things done

Throwing balls for Zoe another new favorite

Those rolls. that air. those eyes. I'm smitten

Thankful for my momma and sister who have been so helpful with Isabella in this transition period...getting some cousin, open gym time fun

Not so sure just yet...holding onto Chaille's leg!! LOVE!

Was so excited when these bloomers arrived...I have decided there is nothing cuter than cute little legs with rolls in shorts or bloomers....these may be a summer staple for us!

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