Foto Friday

What a fun week...just a quick fun glimpse into the life of an almost 1.5 yr old!!
Pushing around her new bear from her Great grandma

Auntie Heather and Sasha stayed and helped with little pumpkin 2 days this week...they are quite a cool, fun aunt and uncle

Stopping to smell the roses!! She loved the "boons"

She's started doing this adorable face where she puts her hands on her cheeks. I missed it mostly but its too cute

My flower shopping buddy

She was so cute handing daddy the next flowers to plant!

This girl and dogs....she loved Rose

Shopping with Mimi and her aunties

Looking so grown up

Modeling at Nordstrom's:)

I put a clean bowl on her head the other day so she thought a yogurt filled one was the same thing;)

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