Foto Friday

We had a fun week around here....momma decided to throw her OCD/Type A self out the window so we played in puddles, dirt, grass....I've learned with a toddler to stop and smell the roses and not worry about all the dirtiness and this girl has taught me so much!

So worth the mess!

We had ordered new Hunter rain boots that sadly hadn't arrived yet...flip flops weren't the best but they were our best option;)
She just went over and sat and crossed her legs...

Looking so big these days

Loving our shirt and Crew&Lu moccs and bloomers

So as to not always just share the good...We sadly had to have our first time out this week after lil miss was not happy about coming in side and decided to hit momma...though I don't think she quite understands that this is "Not nice"  though we are working on it....she then decided to pinch momma's face I'm guessing out of frustration though she pinches her own face playfully sometimes but I felt it had to be punished...she did great for 30 seconds then hugged me when its over and we haven't had any tantrums we will see...I know there are plenty more in our future....

Must brag on my hubby....he HATES feet...its kind of our joke that I ask him to massage my feet knowing he will never say yes....he came home this night offered and I was in heaven!!

My sweet friend Rebecca bought Cayson his first full monogram:)

We had to run to the mall and I decided to let lil bit go in the Disney store....she was clearly obsessed with all the Minnie's...I had decided I would break down and buy one but when I said "ready to go bye bye and see daddy" she politely put them all back and ran out of the store...I will save this purchase for a future desperate date!

Took this video to share with daddy but couldn't help but share

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