Weekend wrap up

Wow what a weekend...busy, fun as usual...if only the weather had been sunny and 70 it would have been better but I can't complain...the rain was nice and much needed....

Friday... we had our tax appointment then had friends over to cook out...Isabella was the most incredible toddler, patient for our 2 hour tax appointment...I think she was more patient than I was!

This girl will drop everything she is doing for the "Hot dog" song....I have countless videos and it still gets me everytime...my favorite was the time she was throwing away her apple she apparently was finished with when the song came on and she dropped her bowl and ran to the living room....if only I could have a video on her 24/7 to catch those moments haha

Playing bubbles with Matt and Brandt...listen closely to her new deep excited voice

Enjoying the sun on Friday

Precious girl at our appointment

These keys entertained her for hours literally

Beautiful Ella and Isabella...

Saturday...we watched sweet Derek while his parents moved...he was the most calm boy ever....I think Isabella is wilder than he is....and on another note I survived 2 toddlers:) I felt like my sweet friend Kelly who has twins....whole new appreciation for her! Then we had a sweet Grey's 1st birthday party...rushed to Easter pics then over the Stroh's for dinner....phew and Isabella was a trooper all day!

Lunch buddies

All ready for Grey's bday....totally should have gone with gold and mint to match the theme...what was I thinking

Love her

Preggo selfie

Jaimee did a phenomenal job with the decor as usual...and that cake. swoon, my friend Jayme and I have wanted to try making one like this but haven't braved it yet...

Not much sweeter than this cute 1 year old

She wasn't so sure at first but then just went for it of course cute and dainty like

Future BFFs...Grey let me hold her forever and just kept patting my back:) too cute!

Can't wait to see her pics...we almost reschedule bc I wasn't sure about the weather but the sun came out and I think we got some great pictures...can't wait...

Playing kitchen with Evelyn

Sunday...we made it to church then...I may or may not have taken a 2.5 hour nap with Isabella....and made a quick house call for a friend's sweet baby

Perfect outfit for a cold, rainy Sunday

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

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