Weekend Wrap up

We had such a fun weekend with lots of fun activities getting ready for Easter and lots of friend time...I have quite a few videos for the weekend...we just had too much fun and I did bust out my good camera a couple times and I'll post those as soon as I'm not falling asleep on the couch and have time to upload them

Friday...we had a friends going away party but didn't have child care and we were exhausted from the week so we decided to have a lazy night in....I decided to take Isabella to see the Easter bunny and whelp...just as I expected..
Haha...sweet girl loved him from a far....but was not a fan...I know, I know a little creapy but I still love it...and I didn't torture her as soon as I picked her up she waved bye, bye to him;)

Got to play with her new water table...I actually took some pics with my camera and will have to post them as soon as I upload them;)

This giggle makes my heart melt...this girl in general just does...

That's about how I felt about the week too haha...

Saturday...we had such a busy day planned, Easter Egg hunt with friends, sweet little E's 2nd birthday party and small group Easter egg hunt... Isabella and Dennis slept through the E's birthday party so I went alone...it was strange to be at a bday party without a sweet toddler to chase or enjoy!! I think next time I'll wake her up...if I didn't need to make sure she got a good nap and I had time to stay longer I would have:)

I feel the same way about cereal sweet girl...I feel the same way!

Daddy and Zoe cuddles

Opting for the arts & crafts while Brandt bounced away

Church picnic

Made my heart swoon to see this happening...I ran to get this pic....not pretty sight but I ran;)

Her loot for the day...I used my good camera for a few pics this day too....I will post them too

Sunday...the rain and cooler temps cramped our style a bit but momma was able to get furniture and rooms cleaned to get our carpet cleaned...operation remove pet urine odor is under way...hoping it works....

Just a quick milk break...

She kept wanting to go "Side" so I opened the door to show her it was raining thinking she would take 2 steps outside and agree with me that inside was better but she thought it was quite amazing...I decided life is too short to care if she got wet or that she didn't have shoes on and let her play...I would have videoed more of the adorableness but the rain came down and I had fears of a dying iPhone and losing photos and videos so quickly stopped...

The meltdown when I decided the rain was coming down just a itty bitty too much and inside was better;) The tip toe thing is her new pick me up thing...I picked her up and she cuddled right on my shoulder...LOVE

She has officially begun telling me her food is hot and blowing on it...swoon, obsessed with watching sweet minds grow and learn and copy you!!

Happy Monday ya'll!!

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