Weekend wrap-up

We had another one of those incredibly busy weekends....we have 8 weekends in a row that are jam packed with hosting 4 showers, birthday parties, Easter parties, etc....so needless to say Isabella and I both napped like champs on Sunday....

Friday...we drove out to Lavon, TX for our bluebonnet photo session...we arrived 1/5 hours later...thanks to traffic...Isabella wasn't a fan of photos which I can't blame her 1.5 hrs in the car and getting 5 teeth would not be my ideal either...we then met some friends for dinner...considering we were out til 9, way past her bedtime she was a champ!

Playing peek a boo with Brandt under her napkin

Saturday...we got to enjoy a little lazy morning...then while Isabella napped I ran to help set up for our friend Jen's surprise baby shower, then daddy ran to another friends cook out while Isabella and I loaded up for the Milk & Cookies party..more pics to come..
Obsessed with our Saturday and Sunday mornings!! For a working momma who doesn't get to do mornings with my little love, I live for these days!

Playing with her BFF Grey

This girl was a champ for us keeping her up past 9, two nights in a row...the car is the baby whisperer to her...she is usually out within minutes if she is even remotely tired

Sunday...daddy made us our favorite pancake breakfast then we headed to church....after church Isabella slept 3.5 hrs her longest nap ever and I slept 2.5 hours so we didn't make it to small group...so we opted for yard work and water table fun!

Mickey Mouse clubhouse is mesemerizing

Where did this big girl come from...tear!!

This girl and her sunglasses!

Cruisin down the street in my 6.4.

Thankful for a short week this week and Friendcation this weekend!! Whoop!

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